CSO Annual Conference 2022

Building a More United and Relevant Civil Society Network 

14-16 December 2022

Civil Society Annual Meet 2021

Bringing CSOs together. 02-03 December 2021

CSO Retreat 2020

09-11 December 2020. Punakha, Bhutan

About Bhutan Civil Society Network

As the number of CSOs grew, collaborative decision-making and programme delivery among CSOs became more challenging. The sector became more diverse and disparate. To keep the sector together as a fraternity, a few CSO leaders came together to start the Core Coordinating Committee (CCC) constituted by CSO representatives at the CSO quarterly meeting in October 2015. The members of the committee were elected from
the CSOs. The CCC marked the beginning of fraternity building for CSOs in Bhutan.

At a leadership workshop in 2021, CSO leaders unanimously agreed to rebrand the CCC as the Bhutan Civil Society Network (BCSN) to make it more inclusive and representative of the sector. The CCC was viewed as a ‘core’ committee removed from the fraternity. The CCC thus became a network of all CSOs in Bhutan. The operation of the network is managed by the Executive Committee comprising 10 members – eight members elected from the eight thematic groups and two eminent members to the Civil Society Organisations Authority. A programme officer manages the network secretariat.
Since its humble beginnings, the BCSN has come a long way. Today, it is a vibrant platform for all CSOs to engage in dialogue, collaboration and partnership.

Civil Society Organisations

Thematic Groups

Public Benefit Organisations

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Events Calendar

Upcoming Event

1. BCSN Secretariat Inaugural Ceremony – 10:30 AM- 11:30 AM

2. 3rd CSO Quarterly Meeting – 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

3. 10th EC Meeting – 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Date : 14th October, 2022
Venue : RSPN Office Complex