Visit from US Embassy

by | Apr 26, 2023 | Announcements, News | 0 comments

Hon’ble Andrea Goodman, First Secretary, Bhutan Affairs Unit, US Embassy, New Delhi and Dr Rinzin Rinzin , Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the BCSN had an introductory meeting at Le Meridian, Thimphu last morning.

Dr Rinzin briefed Hon’ble Andrea about the status of civil society in Bhutan. He mentioned that cooperation, collaboration and coordination among the CSOs in the country has been improving drastically during the recent years, and therefore it is imperative to strengthen the network (BCSN). He also briefed the First Secretary about the issue of sustainability of mist of the CSOs in Bhutan, and the need to address the issue.

He also informed her that the collaboration between the CSOs and the Government as well as the Parliament has also been improving over the years and it is expected to improved further after the endorsement of the draft Government-CSO Collaboration Guidelines and the finalized Parliament-CSO Collaboration Guidelines.

They agreed to continue to explore for possible avenues of collaboration.

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