Environment and Climate Change TG Coordination Meeting

by | May 10, 2023 | Announcements, News | 0 comments

The Environment and Climate Change Thematic Group had their first TG coordination meeting this morning (10 May 2023). The group works for an environmentally sustainable society for the future generation and wider opportunities.

The meeting was chaired by the TG Coordinator who is the TG representative at the Executive Committee of BCSN, and serves for a term of 2 years. The serving coordinator for the TG is Dr Kinley Tenzin, Executive Director of RSPN.

With the fund support from Project Nyamdrel/ Helvetas Bhutan , BCSN is organizing a first of its kind TG Coordination Meeting. The meeting aims to provide a platform for the TG members to come together to discuss common issues and strengthen collaboration and cooperation.

The TG consists of the following 5 CSOs:

1. RSPN Bhutan (Coordinator)

2. Bhutan Taxi Association (Member)

3. Bhutan Ecological Society (Member)

4. Clean Bhutan (Member)

5. Tarayana Foundation (Member)

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