Wellbeing Thematic Group Coordination Meeting

by | May 15, 2023 | Announcements, News | 0 comments

“Linking human happiness and animal happiness,” the wellbeing thematic group consist of compassionate care givers of all sentient beings. It provides sanctuary to those in need, both animal and humans based on GNH values.

The thematic group had its first coordination meeting this morning (15/05/2023) and it was chaired by the coordinator who is the thematic group representative at the Executive Committee of BCSN. The coordinator serves for the term of two years and the serving coordinator for the group is Ms Sonam Tsoki Tenzin, Executive Director of Gross National Happiness Centre Bhutan (GNHCB).

With the fund support from Project Nyamdrel / Helvetas Bhutan, BCSN is organizing a first of its kind thematic group coordination meeting. The meeting aims to provide a platform for the members to come together to discuss common issues and strengthen collaboration and cooperation.

The group is comprised of the following 7 CSOs:

1. Barnyard Bhutan Animal Rescue & Sanctuary (member)

2. Bhutan Animal Rescue and Care (member)

3. Chithuen Phendhey Association (member)

4. དུད་འགྲོའི་རངདབང་ཞི་བདེ་ཚོགས་ཆུང་། Duedroi Rangwang Zhidey Tshogchung (member)

5. Gross National Happiness Centre (coordinator)

6. Jangsa Animal Saving Trust (member)

7. Royal Society for the Protection and Care of Animals, Bhutan (member)